Wildlife exclusion


Otter Fencing for Fishing Lakes

Fishing lakes with prize carp attract members and competitors from across the country. They cost a fortune to raise and need protection. The return of wild otters is a conservation success story, but they can’t have free reign. Our robust otter fencing ensures your fish don’t end up on the menu.


Predator Fencing

Predator fencing is an effective way to protect free-range chickens, pheasants, partridge or ground-nesting bird species from foxes and badgers. As these animals are proficient diggers, the fencing needs to be buried into the ground to be an effective deterrent.


Badger Fencing

Badgers are strong and determined creatures who do not like to deviate from their known routes. As such, a particularly strong wire netting is required to keep them out or they will simply tear through or under the fence. The reasons for excluding badgers are that they dig up gardens, golf courses and amenity spaces looking for earthworms. Secondly, they can carry Bovine TB and spread it amongst cattle and across farms.


Protecting Crops

Rabbits, hares and deer can make light work of crops, causing considerable loss and damage. As fencing specialists, we are proficient in the installation of buried rabbit netting and deer fencing. Our processes aim to minimise soil compaction and damage to existing crops.

With the rise in popularity of English wine making and consumption, protecting the vines from damage by rabbits and deer is a priority. With the south-facing, chalk hills of the home counties being an ideal location for planting new vines, we are well located to provide you with high-quality deer and rabbit fencing.


Protecting Wildlife from Harm

Sometimes the need to exclude wildlife is to protect them from harm. A variety of fences can be used to keep wildlife away from land that is being excavated for construction work, land that is being quarried, deep open water or to keep game birds from straying onto roads and neighbouring properties.

Professional fencing installers

We aim to minimise disruption whilst undertaking fence clearance and installation. Our reputation depends on building trusted relationships.

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