Agricultural fencing

We’re in the business of keeping your livestock safely contained whilst protecting your land from unwanted visitors. We work with you to supply and install quality agricultural fencing, whilst minimising the impact on surrounding land.

Many farms need more than one type of fencing installed and we will provide exactly what you need. This might include stock fencing, deer netting, Post & Rail fencing, buried rabbit netting and electric fences. Working with quality suppliers, we ensure that all fencing solutions are practical and durable.


Country Stewardship

With the availability of Country Stewardship Grants, you may be investing in FG1 Barbed Wire or FG2 sheep netting to protect native habitats, protect newly planted hedges or prevent water pollution. A combination of the hedgerow and fencing options such as BN7 or BN11 with FG1 or 2 can be a cost-effective way of improving your grazing management and farm ecology.

If you have secured environmental funding, we provide compliant fencing installation.


Sustainable Farming Incentive (SFI)

As a result of Government SFI, are you planning to diversify and change the use of land? Our agricultural fencing is an effective way to control grazing areas, protect grassland and support the maintenance of agroforest areas.


Rights of Way

Bridleways and footpaths cross much of the British countryside. Whilst you accept responsibility for maintaining these rights of way, you want to prevent users from straying onto your private land. We can install fencing and gates to clearly define the boundaries.


Chilterns Conservation Board Cluster

Understanding and applying DEFRA targets is a challenge. To improve the uptake of environmental action, the Chilterns Conservation Cluster provides practical support, a network of organisations and coordinated volunteers to enable change. We are a long-standing fencing contractor for the Farm Cluster.

Recommended Fencing Contractors

In the farming community, word-of-mouth recommendations are the stamp of approval. We’ve built our business by providing quality fencing, professional installation and responsive service to farm owners and tenant farmers over four decades. We’re proud that the majority of our work still comes from those personal endorsements.

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Our location in High Wycombe, with easy access to the M40 and M4, enables us to offer fencing installation across Buckinghamshire, Berkshire and Oxfordshire.


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