Forestry Fencing

Thousands of hectares of new woodland are being created across the UK each year. This is in addition to the sustainable management and replanting of existing forests. As forestry fencing contractors, we have worked with landowners and woodland organisations to protect both new woodlands and the re-stocking of harvested sites.

If you have an England Woodland Creation Offer (EWCO) or Plantation on Ancient Woodland Site (PAWS), we can erect compliant fencing to protect your new trees.

We supply and install renowned fencing brands, with Tornado being a popular option for forestry projects. The high tensile galvanised steel wire is relatively straightforward to erect across large areas of land and offers a strong and durable solution.


Environmental Impact Assessments

When planning, supplying and installing forestry fencing, we take into account any constraints highlighted in environmental impact assessments. The materials used will also be determined by the intended duration of the fencing – is it intended as a temporary or permanent feature?


Boundary Fencing

Forestry fencing presents a clear boundary to keep walkers, cyclists and horse riders off of protected areas or private land. We offer a range of options from post and wire for boundary demarcation, to post and stock netting to prevent human trespass. In addition, we install metal or timber access gates, metal barriers for forest roads, bollards and vehicle height barriers.


Deer Fencing

Tornado Wire provides a range of tried and tested deer nettings to keep out the small Muntjac to the tall and fast Roe. This is an effective means of deterring deer and other grazing herbivores that can damage saplings, along with other native flora. The fencing causes no harm to the deer, whilst protecting newly planted areas of forest.


Commercial Forestry Fencing

Many UK forests are responsibly managed as a local source of sustainable timber. As such, they are controlled working environments with operational equipment. For safety reasons, fencing is important to keep unintended visitors from these sites.

Competent Fencing Contractors

With decades of industry experience, we partner with you from the initial consulting and planning stages, through installation, to fence maintenance and repair. We are equipped to manage large-scale installations, yet our processes minimise disruption to the surrounding area.

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