Forestry Fencing

Prompt and expansive action is required to protect native habitats and species and improve soil and water quality. With this in mind, DEFRA has set targets to prioritise conservation across UK farms, parkland, woodland and countryside.

Conservation fencing helps to protect Sites of special scientific interest (SSSI), replanted woodlands, hedgerows, along with nature reserves and watercourses. As fencing contractors, we understand the importance of minimising damage to the surrounding landscape.


Chilterns Conservation Board Cluster

We are proud to be the trusted fencing contractor for the Chilterns Conservation Board Cluster. Working in collaboration with this organisation and the landowners, across a variety of projects, has further developed our expertise and knowledge in conservation fencing and its aims.


Wildlife Exclusion Fencing

Wildlife exclusion fencing may seem contrary to conservation, yet there are reasons to keep wildlife out of certain areas. This includes protecting habitats by being able to restrict grazing animals at certain times of the year for the benefit of protected species, safeguarding ground-nesting birds from predators and protecting coppices and newly planted trees.


Boundary Fencing

A significant threat to conservation projects is public access. Many people and dogs enjoy roaming the countryside and woodlands. It is important to balance this enjoyment of the great outdoors while protecting certain areas. Boundary fencing and netting help ensure all can coexist.


Sustainable Timber Fencing

In line with the values of conservation projects, we supply FSC® certified timber, be it British-grown or imported. We can also supply coppiced Chestnut fence posts, further supporting a sustainable countryside and its economy. Any excess material is recycled as part of our commitment to responsible waste management.

Trusted fencing installers

With our track record as a trusted fencing contractor on a range of conservation projects, you can rely on our expertise. We love the countryside and see the value in preserving it for generations to come.

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